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It’s all about who you know, because for every driver you refer to Skypoint Transit, you and that person will each be rewarded $50 upon completion of their first haul. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of drivers you can refer, meaning if you refer 10 drivers, that’s $500 in your pocket! Sound too good to be true? Simply fill out the form below and wait to get paid.

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    I agree to the terms of the Skypoint Transit Referral Program disclosure, understanding Skypoint may change or terminate this program without notice. I also consent to any electronic communication from Skypoint Transit.


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    How the Skypoint Referral Program works:

    1. Fill out the form.

    2. You will receive a confirmation email.

    3. Your referral will receive an email letting them know you referred them.

    4. Your referral applies to Skypoint and completes their first load.

    5. You and your referral each get $50.

    6. Repeat!

    *$50 referral rewards will only be available after the referred driver completes their first haul. The reward will be distributed within 2-3 weeks of the completed haul and distributed via mailed check. Skypoint Transit reserves the right to change this program at anytime without notice.